Digital Manufacturing

Digital Services

To compete in the digital age, manufacturers must adapt to changing consumer demand, design better products, evolve your core computing infrastructure, and create a more connected enterprise with new digital technology and insights.

IT Services

  • Application development, enhancement, support and maintenance
  • Third-party software implementation and customization
  • Technology migration
  • Automation and integration
  • Business process mapping

Analytics Services

  • Warranty claims analysis
  • Spare parts demand forecast 
  • Assess and explore maturity assessment, data discovery
  • Applicability exploration, visual intelligence integration
  • Data and text mining
  • Social media analytics
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IoT Services

  • Vehicle telematics
  • Remote equipment monitoring
  • Smart supply chain
  • Fleet monitoring
  • Predictive maintenance
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Automation-driven BizOps Services

  • Warranty claims management
  • Multi-channel submission
  • Supplier recovery
  • Eligible parts identification
  • Closeout, chargeback or return processing
  • Campaign management

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