Travel and Transportation

Modernize core systems, enable tight front-to-back integration, and drive operational efficiency across the enterprise.

Digital Services


Atos|Syntel partners with travel and transportation companies to modernize their core systems, enable tight front-to-back integration, and drive operational efficiency across the entire enterprise.


TPF and zTPF Solutions

TPF technologies hold a wealth of data and functionality and are unbeatable at processing high transaction volumes with speed. Atos|Syntel helps clients leverage the power of TPF with a blend of legacy and digital skills, effective processes, tools and accelerators. Our services include:

  • TPF application modernization
  • Integration and testing
  • TPF maintenance, development & production support

Transportation Management Systems (TMS)

Transportation Management Systems can improve visibility and productivity, ensure on-time delivery and improve regulatory compliance. Atos|Syntel’s best-of-breed TMS solutions boost profitability, efficiency and customer satisfaction. Atos|Syntel’s TMS solution encompasses:

  • TMS product implementations
  • TMS system modernization and digitization
  • System integration 
  • Process automation with SyntBots®

Automated Product Engineering & IT Ops


  • Managed services for application development, support and maintenance
  • Automated QA and testing services
  • Automated IT infrastructure management and architecture services

Decision Support and Analytics

  • Data consolidation, transformation and cleansing
  • Data warehousing and Business Intelligence services
  • Reporting and analytics dashboards

Supply Chain Integration

  • Transportation and fleet management
  • Warehouse, dock and yard management
  • Inbound and outbound logistics
  • Freight inspection and QA tools
  • Mobility solutions

Internet of Things (IoT)

  • IoT roadmap consulting and platform implementation
  • Smart packaging / item level tracking
  • Remote sensor integration
  • Streaming analytics

Operations Management

  • Workforce management and productivity solutions
  • Enterprise integration 
  • Customer relationship management
  • Pricing, contract and revenue management applications
  • Corporate finance

Legacy Modernization

  • Re-architecture, re-platform, re-hosting and rewriting
  • Microservices architecture implementation
  • SyntBots automated Exit Legacy solution 
  • Factory-based delivery model
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Success Stories

Atos Syntel’s Successful Journey with Leading Provider of Airline Services

The client is a leading provider of airline passenger, cargo handling, flight operation, and aircraft maintenance software. Since 2008, Atos Syntel has been helping them develop a multitude of applications. See how we helped them get their solutions off the ground.

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Atos Syntel’s Reservation system modernization Increases Productivity by 40%

Atos Syntel’s client is a travel management company that specializes in crew and rig executive travel booking and management. See how Atos Syntel helped them develop an online portal for tracking travel purchases to streamline the process and reduce costs.

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