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The demands of the digital age require insurers to harness information and manage the speed, volume and complexity of digital data in order to compete. Drawing on decades of experience with leading insurers, Atos|Syntel  has developed a suite of solution accelerators to help fast-track your IT initiatives.  They include:

  • Business Process Test Repository (BPTR) to accelerate enterprise application testing 
  • Product Platform Framework, an automated configuration toolkit with an insurance-specific enterprise integration service bus and integration framework
  • Insurance Legacy Modernization Framework, a modernization assessment framework and product platform evaluation framework
  • PerformINS, a ready-to-deploy KPI reporting solution for insurers   
  • Cloud Reckoner for Insurance (CRISP), a scoring engine-based framework that assesses insurance systems for cloud migration and identifies the most appropriate cloud environment

Digital One for Insurance
Atos|Syntel 's Digital One group offers consulting, architecture definition and implementation services across key digital transformation areas for insurers, including: 

  • 360º Customer View: Create a 360º view of your customers to improve service quality and effectively cross-sell and up-sell
  • Social Media Integration: Atos|Syntel offers a platform to integrate social media into your operations with a one-click publisher, sentiment analysis and user interface widget factory 
  • Tweet2Serve: Hashtag-based customer self-service tool that analyzes customer tweets to leverage existing business services and APIs
  • Content and Text Analyzer (ConText): An intuitive visual application that supports text-mining and analysis for major domains and lines of business
  • Usability Engineering Framework: Enrich the user experience with a methodology, checklists, guidelines and best practices


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