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As the healthcare industry experiences major shifts caused by regulatory changes, increasing consumerism, and the drive for greater operational efficiency, many health plans are turning to next-generation technology platforms like HealthEdge to stay competitive. 

Atos|Syntel’s HealthEdge product management solutions enable you to derive greater value from HealthRules products by increasing operational efficiency and performance, providing faster upgrades and improved testing efficiency across the entire product lifecycle.


Managed Services

Leverage our expertise with HealthEdge products, tools and accelerators to manage your HealthRules application environment, reduce cost and speed up strategic initiatives. 

Rapid Upgrade

Ensure fast upgrades to HealthRules core functionality and custom code upgrades. Our team of analysts and business experts employ proprietary tools to ensure a faster, risk-free system enhancement. 

Test Accelerators

With a combination of testing assets and methodologies, we can accelerate the testing of your HealthRules environment, functionality, and integration. Our full spectrum of highly automated services includes environment validation, functional, integration, regression and parallel testing.

Why Atos|Syntel?

  • HealthEdge Gold Partner
  • Trained and certified staff
  • Deep Experience: 25+ person-years implementing HealthRules, 3,500+ person-years in claims platforms 
  • More than 150 person months of core product engineering experience for HealthEdge products 
  • 10 HealthRules Payer implementations, 5 HealthRules Payer upgrades 

Business Benefits

  • SLA based managed services solution for lower costs and reduced downtime
  • 40% lower data validation effort when migrating to HealthEdge 
  • 20% reduction in HealthEdge platform maintenance costs
  • 35% cost savings on upgrades
  • 35% increase in efficiency through automated regression testing
  • 30% increase in ROI year over year 

Success Stories

Enhancing Productivity with Atos Syntel’s Production Support Services

A leading health insurance company was facing issues resolving a large number of tickets stemming from recurring issues. The client decided to make a significant effort to fix these errors, so Atos Syntel deployed a team of Kanban and Production Support and Maintenance (PSM) experts to quickly and permanently fix them. In doing so, we not only reduced the ticket count, but also managed to automate a number of time-consuming manual activities.

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