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Atos|Syntel’s remote care platform empowers patients with improved access to medical services in the era of social distancing, and enables proactive care management and patient engagement to efficiently manage impending health risks.

We have a wide range of digital care solutions ready to be rapidly deployed, including remote patient monitoring and home care, telemedicine consultations and virtual care assistance.  Our solutions are based on years of experience integrating healthcare systems and underpinned by secure artificial intelligence (AI), analytics and machine learning (ML) technologies.


Key Offerings

Atos|Syntel’s ready-to-deploy remote care platform employs predictive analytics, data visualization and patient monitoring, with features such as:

COVID-19 chatbot

Automated patient assistance technology that provides instant, accurate answers about symptoms to reduce the strain on physicians.

Home tele-assistance/ telehealth

Includes secure e-scheduling, video communication and collaboration, plus integration with medical records and payment systems.

Remote patient monitoring

Integrates wearable devices, tablets and mobile devices to remotely gather patient data and enable proactive intervention and continuous patient care monitoring.

Post-COVID discharge monitoring

Integrates virtual care platforms with EMR and back-office systems to monitor discharged patients.

Key Benefits

Improves patient access with cost effective self service

Reduces call volumes and contact risk

Improves care plan adherence and post-discharge care

Enables preemptive health risk identification and mitigation

Improves transparency, visibility and patient experience

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