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Atos|Syntel helps banking, capital markets, and cards & payments companies evolve to digital enterprises through innovative solutions that improve business performance, reduce compliance risk and enable them to stay competitive in the new economy.

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Success Stories

B2B Interaction Made Easy with Atos Syntel’s Solution

Our client is a leading financial services organization. The client wanted an automated solution for their sales representatives to be able to get quick approvals on the exclusive discounts they offer in order to acquire and retain customers.

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Delivering Agility and TCO Reduction

Atos Syntel implemented a Windows Azure migration strategy for a Fortune 100 financial services company which optimized the client’s technology investments and generated a 37% reduction in TCO and 96% faster provisioning.

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Maximizing Reach and Revenue from Marketing Campaigns

An American investment bank offered discounts to customers shopping with small businesses through an app-based campaign that also connected merchants with customers with innovative location-based features. See how Atos Syntel providing the technical expertise

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