Atos|Syntel enables banks to modernize core banking processes and enable digital channels to engage with millennial customers.

Digital Services



Streamline and optimize your core business processes, reach customers more effectively through digital channels, reduce cycle time and minimize delinquency rates with effective technology solutions for 

  • Commercial and Small Business
  • Auto Finance 
  • Mortgages 

Transactional Banking

Transaction processing environments are data intensive and must deliver high performance to keep your business operating at peak efficiency. Atos|Syntel’s solutions deliver greater reliability, faster turnaround time, and a better way to reduce cost of ownership and meet changing demand with our flexible global delivery model.


Seamlessly combine your front, middle, and back-office banking operations with Atos|Syntel’s open architecture approach. We help you select and implement the optimal technology platform to reduce cost of ownership and optimize your return on investment by leveraging your existing skills, investments, and vendor partnerships.

Omnichannel Banking

Give your customers the freedom to manage their finances anytime, anywhere with secure, seamless, scalable technology platforms that integrate and coordinate your services and campaigns across offline, web, mobile and social media channels. 

Digital Payments

Streamline your payment processes and incorporate the latest digital technologies like Mobile Wallet, tokenization, Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) and Near Field Communication (NFC) payments. Atos|Syntel also delivers increased operational efficiency, lower maintenance costs and reduced risk for electronic fund transfers (EFT), automated clearing house (ACH  ), direct debits and wire transfers.

Medical Banking

Atos|Syntel’s Medical Banking solutions link insurers and payees for faster, more secure management of claims, payments, and denials. Our solutions leverage automated workflows and a fully digitized process to enable healthcare organizations to improve reporting, reduce outstanding payments and settle claims quickly.

Retail Banking Knowledge Process Services

Atos|Syntel’s flexible, scalable Retail Banking Knowledge Process Services help you stay competitive and adapt to a dynamic marketplace, with solutions for:

  • New client acquisition
  • Account servicing
  • Lending service operations
  • Remittance processing
  • Cards and payments

Success Stories

Delivering Agility and TCO Reduction

Atos Syntel implemented a Windows Azure migration strategy for a Fortune 100 financial services company which optimized the client’s technology investments and generated a 37% reduction in TCO and 96% faster provisioning.

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Helping Reduce Data Movement Time by 50%

Our client is a Fortune 500 payments, network and travel company.  See how we cut data migration time in half, while helping them migrate from a legacy DB2 database to a modern Netezza platform.

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Enhancing Client Relationships with Atos Syntel’s Client Analytics Engine

A large investment banking firm turned to Atos Syntel for help building a client analytics engine using a Big Data platform and machine learning algorithms. The engine helped address multiple use-cases such as analysis of client’s behavior and personalized targeting offers.

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Driving Targeted Marketing With Salesforce CRM Solution

A Fortune 500 financial service provider was looking to enhance its targeted marketing campaign but needed insights into customer spending patterns for a robust plan. The client collaborated with us to generate insights for targeted marketing campaigns for users

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Atos Syntel’s Automation Framework Reduces More Than 1,000 Person Efforts

Software as a service (SaaS) is a way of delivering applications over the Internet, as a service. Instead of installing and maintaining software, Atos Syntel helped its client — a Fortune 100 global leader in financial services, simply access it via the Internet thus reducing dependency on complex software and hardware management.

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