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Agile is an iterative, organic software development process. It employs a flexible and adaptive approach that evolves to meet an organization’s changing business needs — enabling faster time to market, and establishing a culture of collaboration and continuous improvement.

Agile is able to accommodate changing requirements with a continuous feedback loop and instantly delivers customer value in the form of a minimum viable product.

To keep your business ahead of the curve, Atos|Syntel has developed G-Agile – a Global Scaled Distributed Agile framework to develop software products and services in a faster, more cost-effective way. It can accommodate changing requirements and quickly delivers value to our clients, enabling them to bring new products and services to market with unprecedented speed.

With a 10-year history of Agile delivery and consulting, Atos|Syntel draws on its experience to establish a dedicated G-Agile task force with a team of Agile coaches, 1,700+ Agile-certified professionals and more than 10,000 Agile practitioners working around the clock, across the globe to execute projects.



  • Organizational assessment
  • Transformation planning, coaching and implementation

Delivery Assurance

  • Quality management and governance for the software delivery assurance process
  • Repository of process models, definitions, best practices, templates, artifacts and checklists

Product and Service Development

  • Leverages Agile methods like SCRUM, XP, TDD, FDD and SCRUMBAN
  • Process Selection Model to help choose the best model for efficiency, productivity and effectiveness

Maturity Assessment

  • Evaluates Agile readiness/maturity and delivers a comprehensive dashboard assessment
  • Identifies weak and strong areas for Agile transformation and defines a roadmap

Scaled Agile (SAFe)

  • Provides a framework for program, portfolio, and enterprise-level scaling

Why Atos|Syntel?

  • Agile-ready workforce with investments in skills, consulting, and training on Agile processes and tools
  • Culture of continuous improvement, with G-Agile CTB Support to track, monitor and assess projects to improve agility
  • Powerful (SyntBots®) intelligent automation framework, that enhances the quality and speed of G-Agile development and testing
  • Choose from a range of project execution models (including onsite, offshore and hybrid) based on client comfort and maturity
  • Experience faster time to market with pre-built playbooks, tools and template repositories
  • Collaboration and communication tools for 24/7 onsite-offshore connectivity
  • Robust G-Agile governance to ensure fulfillment of sprint commitment
  • Experience in leading Agile tools like GreenHopper, VersionOne and Mingle
  • Continuous, seamless integration testing support
  • Dedicated Release Management Teams specialized in G-Agile deployment

Success Stories

Faster Product Development with Agile Adoption

A large Fortune 500 cards and payments provider was struggling to improve its time-to-market with products. The client wanted to drive Agile methodology within the organization. 

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Enhancing Productivity with Atos Syntel’s Production Support Services

A leading health insurance company was facing issues resolving a large number of tickets stemming from recurring issues. The client decided to make a significant effort to fix these errors, so Atos Syntel deployed a team of Kanban and Production Support and Maintenance (PSM) experts to quickly and permanently fix them. In doing so, we not only reduced the ticket count, but also managed to automate a number of time-consuming manual activities.

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