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Cloud Foundry is an open source Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) offering that helps you take advantage of a virtualized cloud infrastructure to build your apps once, and deploy them anywhere. Collectively developed by enterprises and product companies, Cloud Foundry offers a standardized platform for creating innovative, portable, powerful cloud-native applications.

Atos|Syntel is a Pivotal Advanced System Integration Partner with deep experience deploying Cloud Foundry in private, public, and hybrid environments. Several important factors set us apart from other service providers, including:

  • Robust portfolio analysis methodology to deliver an ROI-based modernization path 
  • Fast, efficient business transformation with the SyntBots®  intelligent automation platform 
  • SyntBots® for Cloud - Atos|Syntel’s automated cloud code migration tool has 1000+ built-in rules for risk-free cloud migration profiling 
  • Cloud Foundry certified resources to enable factory-style implementations

The most pressing challenges:

Many enterprises find themselves at a competitive disadvantage as compared to more agile digital startups. Among the issues they face are:

  • Slow rollout of new features
  • Workforce unfamiliar with Agile techniques and digital technologies
  • Large monolithic legacy applications are prohibitive to modernize
  • Low developer productivity caused by traditional development approaches


Key Offerings

Roadmap Consulting

Develop a clear path to the cloud with thorough analysis, planning, architecture and process consulting to enable a smooth, fast cloud deployment

Product Engineering Services

Enable modern DevOps with automated build, testing and deployment powered by the SyntBots automation platform. Support your investments with application lifecycle management and continuous integration & deployment (CI/CD).

Modernization and Migration

Rely on Atos|Syntel’s modernization expertise, with factory-based code migration, automated infrastructure and migration tools, dedicated Cloud Foundry labs, and microservices implementations.

Key Benefits

90% Reduction in Analysis Effort

30% Reduction in Migration Effort

95% Reduction in SME Time

35% Improvement in Quality

Success Stories

Accelerating Time to Market with Pivotal Cloud Foundry

The client, a leading retailer, was facing slow cycle times for the development, testing and deployment of new applications, which resulted in slow rollout of new business functionality. In addition, a lack of automation was driving up the cost of development and maintenance

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