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Easier, more efficient reporting with Atos|Syntel’s Client Reporting Services

Accurate, up-to-date reporting is an incredibly important way to evaluate and fine-tune your business performance. However, in a data intensive business environment with mountains of complex structured and unstructured data, reporting is no easy task. Legacy apps and disparate platforms can further aggravate any enterprise’s reporting challenges.

The challenges organizations face:

  • Problems integrating high volumes of complex data
  • Difficulty supplying timely, complete, consistent and accurate data
  • Multiple reporting platforms and systems across the enterprise, leading to high maintenance costs
  • Limited customization and self-service capabilities, leading to slow time-to-market and customer dissatisfaction

How can Atos|Syntel help?

  • On-premises reporting platform hosting service
  • Data acquisition and integration with existing architecture 
  • Transition and transformation 
  • Report production and delivery 

How is our solution unique?

  • Ability to create and customize new reports while leveraging your existing platforms
  • 3,500 unique reports with 200+ customized templates
  • Employs SyntBots® automation during engagement to reduce operational cost
  • Capacity management features provide the ability to grow with your business
  • Mobile capability for on-the-go access

What outcomes can we deliver?

  • 20% faster time to market
  • No licensing fees, generating an estimated 40% savings within five years 
  • Transparent pricing model, based on type and number of reports delivered

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