Job Seekers: Beware of Employment Scams/Fake Job Offers

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How to identify fake Atos|Syntel job offers

At Atos|Syntel, we are committed to integrity and transparency in our recruiting and hiring process.
Recently, we have become aware of numerous fraudulent employment offers that have been sent to recent graduates and other job seekers purporting to be from Atos|Syntel. These fraudsters utilize fake Atos|Syntel job offer letters, and job seekers that engage with them face a risk of identity theft, financial loss or other damages.
To combat this threat, you should be aware that as part of our recruitment process, Atos|Syntel will never demand nor authorize any agency or individual to charge any fees or ask for a security deposit from job seekers as part of your recruitment. We never charge any fees for training, application processing, or for office supplies or similar expenses.
In the event that you or your colleagues receive an unsolicited or fraudulent communication that demands any form of payment in exchange for employment at Atos|Syntel, you should consider this an employment scam. We strongly urge that you cease all contact with the individual(s) in question, make no payments, provide no personal information, and report the fraud to the appropriate authorities.

How to identify fraudulent job offers:

  • The Atos|Syntel recruitment team only communicates via emails sent from the “” domain. Beware of fraudsters that “spoof” our email domain by checking the full email header information.
  • Mail sent from, and similar domains is not genuine and does not come from Atos|Syntel or any of its subsidiaries.
  • We never send job offers from email providers such as Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail and other common domains.
  • Beware of emails without a proper salutation, that provide invalid interview locations or phone numbers, or with grammatical and spelling errors. These are common signs of a scam.
  • Do not respond to any form of communication that asks for bank account details, credit card information, passwords or PIN numbers in conjunction with your recruitment. These are fraudulent offers and should be reported to the authorities.

Points to remember:

  • For all lateral/campus hiring, Atos|Syntel sends offer letters/Letter of Intent, only from an “” email address.
  • Atos|Syntel will not ask for any monetary deposit, credit card information, password or PIN number in lieu of an interview, or in exchange for guaranteed employment or training.
  • In the event that you have already made any form of payment, please contact your local law enforcement authorities to file a complaint so that necessary actions can be taken against the perpetrators.

Atos|Syntel cannot be held liable for any loss or damage suffered as a result of an employment scam.
Atos|Syntel’s website domain is and all email communication is sent from the email domain. Any links or emails from a different domain could be a sign of fraud.
If you encounter any suspicious email, advertisement or job offer, please verify the validity of the offer by contacting us at* 
* NOTE: Please do not send your resume to this email address. It is for offer validations ONLY and does not accept resumes or job applications.