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Modernization projects are challenging for a number of reasons, but by far the most common is a failure to extract all the business rules from a given system. This can lead to functionality shortfalls that delay deployment and cause business disruptions.

The challenges organizations face:

  • Code complexity makes completely documenting business rules difficult or impossible
  • Existing methods yield errors and omissions with serious consequences
  • Results consist of difficult to understand program logic statements, not business language that users can understand 

How can Atos|Syntel help?

Our in-house Exit Legacy tool and patented Business Rule Extraction (BRE) methodology address these challenges. Our offerings include:

  • Identifying the underlying application structure 
  • Performing a static BRE using Exit Legacy to identify candidate business rules
  • Dynamic BRE to validate candidate business rules by creating and executing test cases against the legacy code to reveal any omissions

How is our solution unique?

  • Automated BRE approach with Atos|Syntel’s Exit Legacy solution
  • Static BRE yields rules in language that can be understood by non-technical business users
  • Patented dynamic BRE forensically proven to deliver 100% of active rules

What outcomes can we deliver?

  • 100% business rule extraction 
  • Up to 50% reduction in effort
  • Zero loss of functionality  
  • Lower risk 
  • Reusable regression test suite

Success Stories

Leveraging Business Rules Extraction To Eliminate Modernization Risk

Our client is a leading North American insurer, wanted to eliminate performance bottlenecks caused by legacy applications, so they set out to modernize business-critical core systems by migrating to new platforms that would enable new technologies to be integrated.

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