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Holistic Azure Solutions from Atos|Syntel

Digital transformations are disruptive, and require an underlying system to integrate various digital touchpoints. A holistic platform such as Microsoft Azure along and an experienced implementation partner can help you meet a wide range of digital needs. Atos|Syntel has been a pioneer in Cloud Technologies, and has implemented Azure-based solutions right since the platform was released.

Our Azure Offerings

Microsoft Azure is an open and flexible cloud platform that enables you to quickly build, deploy and manage applications and services. Azure is open, broad and flexible, so applications can be developed using a diverse group of operating systems, frameworks and languages. Atos|Syntel offers unparalleled migration experience to customers considering Azure for their enterprise applications. We enable them to:

  • Onboard Azure quickly and efficiently
  • Evaluate Azure readiness using our proven analysis framework
  • Prioritize applications to be migrated to Azure for maximum returns
  • Automate code analysis and code remediation for Azure
  • Standardize Azure application landscape through reference architecture and automated code governance
  • Leverage Digital One™ to build applications that integrate with Social Media, Analytics and Internet of Things

Atos|Syntel’s Value Proposition

  • Reduce overall effort and turnaround time for Azure transformations
  • Maximize return on investment (ROI) from Azure migrations
  • Accelerate digital and cloud enablement

Strategy Roadmap

Atos | Syntel’s MACH (Methodology for Applications to be Cloud Hosted) framework helps chart a course for the cloud, and enables our clients to:

  • Evaluate and decide on their target cloud platforms
  • Quantitatively assess the suitability of their applications for cloud
  • Define an optimum migration journey based on cloud risk probability

Transformation / Migration

Atos|Syntel’s migration workbench framework helps you seamlessly migrate applications from on-premises data centers to Azure. It features:

  • Automation driven migration approach
  • Centralized pool of Azure experts
  • Factory model for application migration, including low-touch and high-touch migrations
  • Automated code corrections using SyntBots® for Cloud, Atos|Syntel’s automated cloud code migration tool

Microsoft Azure Enterprise Web Apps

Create web applications to reach new customers and devices with improved performance, availability and security — at reduced operating costs. It supports a variety of languages as well as CMS solutions including WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, Umbraco and DotNetNuke.

Atos|Syntel can help you migrate your on-premise websites and web applications to Azure Enterprise Web Apps using Microsoft’s Websites Migration Assistant, or SyntBots® for Cloud, or a combination of both.

Digital Enablement

Atos|Syntel’s MBaaS (Mobile Backend as a Service) framework quickly and efficiently develops enterprise mobile services. With MBaaS, you can easily enable push notifications, add authentication and analytics to your back-end services, and enable compression and encryption for your sensitive data.

API Management

Our APIfication methodology helps customers upgrade their traditional web services to modern APIs and deploy them on Azure cloud to accelerate their digital journey. Atos|Syntel’s approach and Azure’s API management platform enables customers to visualize business insights, predict service usage trends  and monitor application health.

Partner Credentials

Atos|Syntel is a Silver Cloud Competency Partner and an Azure Circle Partner.

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