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In today’s fast moving world, enterprises must provide "always on" IT and release new products and services at digital speed. It can get tricky when legacy systems are involved, and innovation takes a back seat to dealing with the burden and cost of maintaining mission-critical older systems.

Atos|Syntel’s solution to this conundrum is an intelligent automation approach driven by our innovative SyntBots® intelligent automation platform. SyntBots® enables enterprises to improve the quality and efficiency of run-the-business operations to free up the budget and talent they need to innovate and change the business.


Our IT Ops is powered by SyntBots, a unified automation platform that manages IT applications and infrastructure support, monitoring and remediation. SyntBots works with predefined business rules and guided machine learning to take intelligent actions to keep your business running at peak performance, enabling preventive scaling instead of reactive recovery.

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Our Solution

  • Open architecture for cross-platform compatibility
  • Enterprise-grade integration to enable a seamless rollout across all your enterprise systems
  • Organic adoption through industry-specific solutions and plug-and-play architecture
  • Innovative outcome-based delivery model to reduce transformation risk
  • 500+ ready to deploy Standard Operating Procedures for common recurring incidents

Solution Features

  • Automated failure detection and service remediation through integrated workflows that connect monitoring tools, ITSM tools and business applications
  • Automated noise reduction using natural language processing and machine learning to help monitoring teams prioritize and focus on the most critical events
  • Proactive maintenance by identifying scenarios and patterns that lead to failure, and predicting potential issues before they impact your applications

Business Benefits

  • 70% Improvement in Service Levels
  • 35% Reduction in Total Cost of Ownership
  • Reduced operational risk
  • Active business continuity planning

Analyst Mentions

SyntBots provides a critical differentiation to many of its peers and is underpinned by a vertical jumpstart library to accelerate deployments for specific vertical use cases.

Lack of Automation Revenue Model Spells Disaster for Service Providers
HfS Research
October, 2015

The SyntBots platform can be applied to a range of uses, from application uploads to unit testing and end-to-end monitoring. SyntBots has gained the most traction within the banking and financial verticals, using automation to build use cases and intellectual property around what the insurance carrier of the future would look like.

The 10 Coolest Managed Services Offerings Of 2015
December, 2015


Success Stories

Delivering Managed Services Excellence for a Leading Life & Annuities Carrier

The client is a leading Life and Annuities carrier, was working with several on-site IT contractors. They needed to execute an extensive vendor consolidation effort to manage 180+ enterprise applications. See how we stepped in and delivered the expertise

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Atos Syntel Automates IT Ops for Faster Ticket Resolution for A Leading Credit Rating Agency

Our client is a leading credit rating agency, wanted to automate their ticketing system in a bid to eliminate errors introduced due to human intervention, thereby improving productivity and reducing the turnaround time for ticket resolution.

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SyntBots® Delivers 60% More System Availability for Speciality Retailer

A leading speciality retailer was looking to improve service levels for its business users through a digital transformation. We partnered with client to integrate SyntBots with the client’s existing applications to improve availability and drive significant savings.

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40% uptime improvement for Retailer

Atos Syntel has helped one of the world’s largest music instruments retailer with multichannel operations in over 256 stores across the U.S. to achieve 40% improvement in uptime.

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